About Musicare

A holistic music therapeutic approach

Musicare practices a holistic music therapeutic approach by taking the building blocks of music such as rhythm, frequency and sound and combining them to create a unique approach in delivering aid to various emotional and physical challenges and disabilities. Auditory processing is a key enabler of this approach and is crucial for every individual’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. Specialist tools are used in a variety of combinations to fulfil in the requirements of each client’s unique profile.

Musicare was created by Juanita Bredenhann who is a keen advisory for the healing effects that music and rhythm have on the human system. Her background is founded on using music, sound, rhythm and movement as developmental tools for whole body development, taking a special interest in the ear and auditory processing. Juanita started her career as a music educator while completing her BMus Degree. She focused on the therapeutic and developmental values that music has on the brain and overall development. Juanita majored in Ethnomusicology (African music and drum studies) which provided more insight to music’s therapeutic qualities and the effect of rhythm.

As part of her 14-year career Juanita became very involved with schools using music and African drumming as a tool to help learners with various learning and emotional challenges. As such, she channeled her effort toward learners that have Sensory Integration challenges and hearing impairment, using music, movement and rhythm to stimulate auditory and language processing. Juanita’s journey to apply music as a developmental and healing mechanism brought her in contact with Interactive Metronome® and the Tomatis® sound therapy program; two influential therapeutic tools that use music, sound and rhythm to develop and enhance the individual on various levels. Currently she works with adults and children with a range of developmental needs and challenges.

Juanita holds a BMus Degree from the University of Pretoria. She is also a qualified Tomatis® Practitioner Level 3 and provider of Interactive Metronome® and Interactive Metronome® Home.

“Music, rhythm and sound and its ability to heal, calm and integrate the various systems within the human body is a passion for me. I truly believe in its ability to heal and develop individuals of any age and will continue to find ways to bring this into people’s lives for enhanced benefits.”