Jembe Studio

Jembe Studio offers African Drumming classes and sessions to various ages. All classes have an underlying therapeutic tone to help bring balance and calmness.

Rhythm is all around us and we as individuals each have our own rhythm. It is this rhythm which is captured in our body’s functions such as our heartbeats, breathing patterns and even sleep patterns. These rhythms can also be observed in the way we walk, talk, eat and move around.

The African drum serves as a medium to communicate and can balance, centre and relax an individual’s internal rhythm. This use of rhythm combined with the therapeutic nature of the drum’s sound vibrations and frequencies can balance the body and being. Rhythm also provides structure and stable rhythms create stable timing, which in turn gives order within our systems.

We specialise in individual classes, group classes and therapy focused drumming for both children and adults. Corporate drumming sessions focussed on relaxation, team building and communication is also provided.

Drums are provided for classes and session and can also be purchased at Jembe Studio